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Inspiration to Excel

We are proud to work with tutors that have excelled in their academics, and received the highest bands in their HSC and university degrees. Students always pay more attention and trust advice given by a home tutor they can look up to and has a related university degree or career!

Tailored Private Tutoring

Matching the student’s learning style and personality is critical in private tutoring . We strive to understand each student’s needs and match them with the most appropriate home tutor. Our tutors tailor their lesson plans accordingly, so that each student can get the most out of tuition.

Home Tutor Training and Resources

We make sure our Sydney tutor team is up to date with the current syllabi and offer ongoing training in terms oftutoring techniques. Based on our long Maths tutoring and English tutoring expertise, we also regularly develop learning resources and articles.

Easy Communications

You should expect no less than the most efficient and professional services from our friendly staff. We respond to your enquiries as soon as possible and if you are busy during normal business hours, we can contact you at your own preferred time. The process for organising a lesson is easy and fast!

Engaging Lessons

Lessons with our tutors are interactive and engaging with back and forth questions and hands-on work! We believe that building rapport during tuition makes learning interesting. Our tutors are relatable and friendly, and students should feel comfortable with them at all times.

Well-rounded Approach to Learning

TutorPro offers a well-rounded private tutoring experience that extends beyond just explaining and teaching the content. Our experienced Sydney tutor roster can also help students with planning their studying schedule and demonstrate tactics to maximise their exam performance.

Complementary Online Support

We have our maths and science students covered for any homework or theory question outside their maths tutoring or science tutoring sessions. Simply send us an email with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible with explanations on how to approach and understand it!

Home Tutor Quality

Any home tutor of ours has undergone 3 stages of interviews to ensure that their academic skills, tutoring style, communication and personality are of the highest quality. We also obtain regular feedback from our students, to ensure our tutors are doing a great job and are continuously improving.

Private Tutoring for Other Subjects

Our Sydney tutor roster offers help with many other subjects, including History, Legal Studies, Business Studies, Economics, ESL and languages. Often this happens in combination to private tutoring in one of the more popular subjects, so do not hesitate to ask us about subject availability!

English Tutoring

Our English tutoring sessions aim to assist students realise, articulate and polish their ideas and writing skills. Students get a chance to work on written tasks and essays and receive real-time, dynamic feedback from the tutor to help them refine their structure and comprehension.

Sciences Tutoring

Our Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons contain a balanced mix of explaining the details, the usefuleness and applications of scientific concepts. We aim to inspire critical thinking and methodical studying habits that can boost confidence in exams, rather than just memorising content.

Maths Tutoring

Our maths tutoring sessions are all about enhancing problem solving and reasoning skills. We explain the steps of attacking problems of any level and teach how to identify patterns. Maths tutoring is completely interactive and students learn through working on examples and exam questions.

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