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High school private tutoring (Year 11-12)

High school private tutoring tailored to help the senior students understand and apply the relevant principles according to the prescribed syllabus outcomes.
Focus on practicing questions from different types of past papers (term exams, yearlies, trials, HSC) during the lesson and for homework to enhance familiarity and pattern recognition.
Feedback from the HSC tutor as the student attempts a question and step-by-step demonstration of effective approaches to solve each problem.
Creating detailed notes during the private tutoring sessions, and encouraging students to develop their own study notes on an ongoing basis.
Set appropriate short-term and long-term study targets to reach the student’s target ATAR.
Our experienced HSC tutor will also assist with developing efficient study and exam habits, tailored to each student’s learning style and level.
High quality guides and lesson notes are available for Year 11 and Year 12 Maths and Science students in our blog.

Subjects offered: Maths (all levels), English (all levels), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History (all), Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics

Rate: $62.50 per hour

High school private tutoring (Year 7-10)

High school private tutoring that matches the student’s level and identifies any strengths and weaknesses early on.
Your high school tutor will explain concepts with examples, custom worksheets and example exam questions.
Helping Year 7 – Year 10 students develop the right learning methods and studying habits and make sure there are no gaps when moving to the senior years.
Our high school tutor roster can also help accelerated students, or strong students that want to advance ahead of the class with tailored material from higher levels.
Learning during the private lessons is interactive, and the students get to do as much hands-on work as possible to maximize engagement.
Our experienced high school tutor team will offer guidance to the students in picking the right subjects for the senior years and start preparing early on.
High quality guides and lesson notes are available for Year 9 and Year 10 Maths and Science students in our blog.

Subjects offered: Maths, English, Science

Rate: $60.00 per hour

Primary school private tutoring (K-Year 6)

Primary school private tutoring sets solid learning foundations and helps students shape their education skills.
Focus on teaching the basic skills in numeracy and literacy and making sure there are no gaps that may be difficult or impossible to fix later on.
Our primary school tutor will also help with NAPLAN preparation, as it functions as an important benchmark exam and has a higher importance towards high school progress in the new syllabus.
Students that aim to apply for selective high school entry exams, benefit from tailored advanced lesson plans and worksheets.
Our primary school tutor team engages students with interesting activities during the lessons, so that they can be convinced that learning is not dreary.
Emphasis on the need to develop correct homework habits, so that it doesn’t feel like a chore in the future years.
In addition to primary school private tutoring of the subject content, students get a chance to develop skills like oral and written communication, critical thinking and reasoning.

Subjects offered: Maths, English, NAPLAN tutoring, selective school entry exam preparation

Rate: $57.50 per hour

Small group tutoring

Small group tutoring for two or three students has the combined benefits of private tuition and attending a coaching school class.
Students enjoy lessons with a mix of individual and group activities at only the fraction of the price of a private lesson.
As opposed to attending a coaching centre, the sessions happen at a location you choose – typically one of the students’ home.
You get to choose the friend/classmate you want to have lessons with; many students find it easier to concentrate and learn in a familiar group.
We find that small group tutoring facilitates efficient learning outside classes as well, as students help each other with homework and study notes.
The private tutor runs group activities and encourages cross-feedback between students, in order to better understand the content.
This service works best for students of the same level, however our experienced tutors are able to develop lesson plans for students of different levels as well.

Subjects offered: Contact us for subject availability.

Rate: $82.50/hour for 2 students, 100/hour for 3 students

University tutoring

Our university tutor team can offer tailored lessons to cover any knowledge gaps in your degree and help you overcome any obstacle towards your degree completion.
Short term university tutoring available, for students that want some targetted assistance before their final exams or a major assessment.
You may meet the university tutor at home or at a convenient location on campus if that is easier to fit in your schedule.
Given the fast pace of tertiary education, university tutoring is tailored to be efficient and focuses on specific content as much as possible.
Our university tutor will also offer advice for finding further resources and perfecting self-study techniques to keep up with challenging content in your degree.
In order to ensure that we find the right university tutor for you, we make sure to get as much information as possible for the course content during the initial consultations.
Our tutors are experienced in teaching the required content at tertiary level and often has completed the same or a similar course during their own study.

Subjects offered: Contact us for subject availability.

Rate: $72.50/hour

ESL private tutoring

ESL tutoring tailored to your needs, whether academic or professional.
Students planning to take an ESL test (eg. IELTS) benefit from private lessons with exercises and content for the exam they are planning to take.
Students that require ESL tutoring for improving their academic performance will be happy to know that we have a range of highly experienced tutors with published peer reviewed papers that can help you improve your writing and research skills.
Students that seek ESL tutoring for conversational or professional English enjoy interactive and well thought-out roleplaying exercises and tailored homework plans.
Long-term focus on improving grammatical and vocabulary skills, as they are often overlooked by students (or ESL courses) in favour of more specific task response skills.
Our ESL tutors have access to high quality resources for any student level and are happy to share with you.
Tutoring includes engaging exercises based on reading from various sources, listening to samples and watching relevant videos.

Subjects offered: ESL tutoring for academic, professional and conversational purposes.

Rate: $65/hour

Private-Pro tutoring

Private-Pro tutoring service for high school students for select subjects – enquiry about subject availability now!
Our Private-Pro tutors are full-time tutors with at least 4+ years of experience in teaching and tutoring.
All our Private-Pro tutors are teachers in secondary and/or tertiary institutes, so you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality lessons.
Ideal service for students that want to excel and aim for 95+ ATAR and wish to advance faster than the school pace.
Professional supplementary services include 24/7 contact to answer student’s questions as they arise.
Our Private-Pro tutors can develop plans and help students of all learning styles, as they have helped more than 100 students in their career.
This is a popular service, with limited Private-Pro tutors available. Enquire about the availability of a Sydney tutor in your area!

Subjects offered: Subject to tutor availability.

Rate: $67.50/hour

Satisfaction guarantee or you do not pay for the first lesson!

Our tutors are highly experienced and proficient with the content and facilitating learning. However, sometimesthere may be a personality mismatch or different expectations from a lesson. This is absolutely understandable, and while we believe our tutors can always offer outstanding long term services, we are happy to offer a trial first lesson. If you decide that further lessons won’t benefit the student after meeting for the first time, let us know and you will not get charged for it at all!

Smart referrals – happier bills!

If you feel happy with our services, and want to share it with your friends or relatives that’s awesome and we thank you for it! Besides our gratitude, we offer you an hour at 50% discount in your next bill when a student that you referred organises and completes a paid lesson with TutorPro!

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