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Physics tutor services for Year 11 - 12 students. Rate: $62.50 per hour


Chemistry tutor services for Year 11 - 12 students. Rate: $62.50 per hour


Biology tutor services for Year 11 - 12 students. Rate: $62.50 per hour

Junior Science

Science tutor services for Year 7- 10 students. Rate: $60.00 per hour

Science tutoring with TutorPro – What you get:

An experienced tutor for Physics, Chemistry or Biology that tailors the lessons to the student’s level
Interactive tuition sessions at home, where the student gets a chance to learn and practice questions on Physics, Chemistry and Biology concepts
Support outside the private tutoring session for any studying/homework questions
Science tutoring lessons based on the NESA syllabi and exam requirements for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Junior Science

Science tuition at home – How does it work?

Each student has their own learning style and skill level; however, the home tutoring session will typically include a mix of:

1. The tutor explaining the Physics, Chemistry or Biology concepts with the help of textbooks, notes, diagrams and digital media.
2. The tutor assessing the student’s comprehension via quantitative and qualitative exam style questions of appropriate level.
3. The student making their own notes and answering Science questions with guided feedback from the tutor as needed.
4. The student asking any questions they may have about their homework or any other issues they encountered during their studies.

Which levels of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science tutoring are available?

Our tutor team can handle all levels of high school and university Science:

science tutoring

Physics Year 11-Year 12

•The Physics tutor explains the principles with real life examples and when possible demonstration of physical effects
•Working on practice exam style questions provided by the Physics tutor under timed conditions
•Students are taught all the methods related to applications and theory they need to answer HSC style numerical and reasoning Physics questions

Chemistry Year 11-Year 12

•The Chemistry tutor explains the chemical principles with real life examples
•Working on practice exam style questions provided by the Chemistry tutor under timed conditions
•Students are taught the appropriate quantitative techniques for solving HSC Chemistry exam style problems

Biology Year 11-12

•The Biology tutor explains the biological principles with real life examples from the animal/plant kingdoms, as well as human Biology
•Working on practice exam style questions provided by the Biology tutor
•Focus on both logical reasoning and techniques on how to improve content memorisation for the HSC Biology exams

Junior Science Year 7-10

•Introducing students to scientific thinking and concepts with examples, visual aids and digital media
•The Science tutor will occasionally enhance lessons with content from Senior Physics, Chemistry or Biology depending on the student’s interests
•The Science tutor will expose students to real life applications of Science related to the prescribed syllabus to improve learning

University Level Science

•Tutoring focused on the quantitative applications of Physics and Chemistry required by most Uni courses
•During tuition, the student can get any gaps in prior Science knowledge addressed
•The Science tutor provides appropriate resources and additional material for learning/practice

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