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The main benefit of organising a private tutor with TutorPro is that the student can get undivided attention from an expert in the subject for the duration of the lesson. This means that the lesson plan and delivery is tailored to the student’s level, personality and learning style.

In turn, this guarantees that the student gets the most out of the tutoring sessions and get immediate feedback for any questions or difficulties they may face. A weekly tutoring session is an excellent way for a student to understand the required concepts and even cover more advanced material if possible.

Home tutoring has several advantages over coaching in a center:

1. The lessons happen at the comfort of your place, saving you the commute time to and from the center. Most students and their parents are very busy on a daily basis, so saving even a few minutes from commuting time is more than welcome!

2. Home tutoring is in most cases one on one; so instead of having the format of a class, it is much more interactive and flexible. Home tutoring is particularly beneficial for students that find it harder to concentrate and are not that comfortable asking questions in front of others.

3. Organising times is much easier compared to a center. Home tutors are typically flexible to change the day and time of the lessons if needed or reschedule the session in case of an emergency.

4. In many situations, the cost of having a home tutor is similar to attending a class in a good coaching center. However, home tutoring with TutorPro does not involve any contracts, minimum number of hours or prepaid sessions; you basically only pay for the sessions you want to do.

There are many great private tutors advertising their services on online platforms; in fact, many of our tutors had found several students that way.
While you may be able to get a cheaper rate if you look for an independent tutor, there are several advantages when booking a private tutor with TutorPro:

1. Tutor quality is guaranteed. TutorPro carries a thorough assessment of our tutors in terms of academics, communication and teaching skills, so you can be certain that the person that will be visiting you is indeed a highly professional educator.

2. We carry out strict security screenings and checks for all our home tutors, so you can feel safe when booking lessons with us. This is very important, as you wouldn’t trust just any stranger visiting your home and dealing with underage children!

3. All our private tutors have proven experience with several students. During their experience, we receive feedback from their students and make sure that all tutors are up to date in terms of their lesson planning and delivery skills.

4. Our experienced customer service staff deals with all administration, billing and other issues, so our tutors can focus on what they do best: tutoring! Most independent tutors are not that experienced in customer service, which may cause all sorts of communication issues.

5. Our private tutor roster in Sydney is very reliable. In the unlikely case that a tutor cannot continue lessons for personal or professional reasons, we can help you find a suitable replacement from our extensive roster to ensure no interruptions occur. This is often difficult to guarantee with independent tutors that may leave at any point without much prior notice.

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We always strive to meet our students’ and their parents’ needs. Many of our home tutors are indeed qualified teachers in secondary or tertiary institutions. Our Private-Pro roster consists of full-time teacher tutors with experience of 4+ years and 100+ students. These private tutors are typically in high demand, have limited free slots and are only able to cover select areas in Sydney, so enquire about this service now!

Of course this does not mean that only teachers make good tutors, so parents should keep the following points into consideration:

1. Private tutoring is different from classroom teaching, as it involves a more dynamic session. This means that many classroom teachers are not that efficient in communicating ideas in interactive and engaging ways, resulting into bland lessons. All our private tutors are first and foremost exceptional communicators, so you can rest assured that the students will find the sessions with them interesting and fun, regardless of their background.

2. Contrary to common belief, the level of high school content is not particularly high. Hence, professionals and academically exceptional students from relevant backgrounds are certainly able to teach the content. In fact, among our most successful tutors with immaculate feedback don’t come from an education background at all!

All our home tutors are very experienced and hence are able to adapt their lessons according each student’s personality.
You can rest assured that our tutors are friendly and supportive and the students shall feel comfortable asking questions and start seeing improvements after a few lessons.

In the unlikely case that there is a personality mismatch, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, which means you won’t be charged at all!

We take pride in working with the highest quality private tutors in Sydney! All our tutors meet the following minimum selection criteria during the recruitment process:

1. Exceptional academics: All our tutors have scored ATARs of 95 or higher or have maintened a WAM of 75 or higher in their university studies. They also have scored the top bands in the subjects they are tutoring.

2. Tutoring experience: All our tutors have at least 1 year of private tutoring, mentoring or teaching experience.

3. Outstanding communication skills: All our tutors are outgoing, friendly and supportive and trained to facilitate tailored lessons.

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Most home tutoring sessions with TutorPro last for 1-2 hours, during which there is are multiple of interactions between the tutor and the student.
As a rule of thumb, the session consists of a mix of explanations of new or old concepts, solving example questions and testing the student’s progress with mini quizzes.

In most cases, the private tutor will hand out notes with examples, feedback and guides for the student to keep and revise at their own time. For older students, and especially as an exam is approaching, our tutors expose them to small quizzes that help improve their time management and exam techniques.

Absolutely! Firstly, our private tutors are happy to help with homework/general questions that may arise between lessons.
Even if the tutor is busy, you may address the questions directly to us and we will provide a prompt detailed response.

Getting timely help is vital for students. If they leave all questions for the tutoring session, they may run out of time or, in the worst case, forget about what they wanted to ask. In the long run this causes many unresolved gaps in knowledge, so we encourage students to communicate with their tutors and us when they have any questions.

TutorPro also offers guides and interactive online lessons that are extremely useful for revisions or learning new content; all these with no extra cost!

Each time you complete a lesson with one of our private tutors, you must authorise payments by signing a timesheet that the tutor will bring with them.

You will receive the invoices by email on a fortnightly basis, and you may choose to pay via electronic transfer, credit card, BPAY or automatic direct debit. You are only billed for lessons you or the student have signed off and there are no hidden costs for our services. Cash payments are not supported, in order to ensure easy and smooth administration.

There are several instances that we offer discounts for our private tutoring services:

• If you are happy with our services and refer us to a friend, you receive a free hour of private tutoring as a way to say thank you! This discount is only available for private one-on-one tuition for primary and high school students and it applies only after the referred student completes a paid session. You may receive this discount any number of times, as long as you apply it on different referrals.

• If you book two tutors for two different subjects with us, you are eligible for an hourly discount for all private lessons. Contact us to find out more!

• If you book lessons for two or more students, you are also eligible for an hourly discount for all students. This discount applies only for private one-on-one lessons.

• Our group tutoring lessons are offered at a greatly discounted rate. You may find out more about this service here or contact us for further information.

Absolutely! We do offer a first trial lesson, during which you and the student will have a chance to meet the tutor and see whether it’s a good match. All our private tutors are friendly, experienced and highly proficient in their respective subjects, however in certain cases we understand that the students may have very specific expectations and personality clashes may occur.

If after the first lesson you feel that the tutor is not the right match to the student or they do not meet your expectations, you can let us know and you won’t have to pay anything for it!

You don’t have to sign any contract for our private tutoring services. Typically, our students have lessons at least once per week at a regular time and day, however there is no obligation for the frequency and total number of lessons you want to have. Naturally, you are only billed for the lessons you completed and signed off!

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or to make an enquiry about a home tutor now!

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