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Senior English (HSC)

English tutor services for Year 11- 12 students. Rate: $62.50 per hour

Junior English

English tutor services for Year 7-10 students. Rate: $60.00 per hour

Primary English

English tutor services for K to Year 6 students. Rate: $57.50 per hour

English tutoring with TutorPro – What you get:

An experienced English tutor that tailors the lessons to the student’s level
Interactive English tuition sessions at home, where the student gets a chance to learn and practice
Support outside the tutoring session for any English essay/homework questions
English tutoring lessons based on the NESA syllabus and exam requirements

English tuition at home – How does it work?

Each student has their own learning style and maths skill level; however, the home tutoring session will typically include a mix of:

1. The English tutor explaining writing and comprehension techniques with the help of sample essays, notes, articles and digital media.
2. The English tutor assessing the student’s comprehension via descriptive tasks and exam style questions of appropriate level.
3. The student working on their own essays or short responses with guided feedback from the English tutor as needed.
4. The student asking any questions they may have about their homework or any other issues they encountered during their English studies.

Which levels of English tutoring are available?

Our English tutor team can handle all levels of English:

english tutoring

English Standard Year 11-Year 12

•English Standard is compulsory for all senior HSC students
•The tutor helps students with analysing and interpreting the meanings of prescribed texts using basic techniques
•Students are taught how to refine their writing skills and synthese basic ideas into narratives for different audiences

English Advanced Year 11-Year 12

•English Advanced shares common modules with English Standard, so the tutoring includes all English Standard techniques
•The narratives, creative writing, analytical and comprehension skills standards are higher in English Advanced exams
•The tutor emphasises on teaching more sophisticated techniques for analysing the literature, and exposes students to more challenging stimuli

English Extension 1 Year 11-12

•English Extension 1 students have to complete a common Extension course in Year 11
•Tutoring encourages more independent reading and writing, on which the tutor provides detailed feedback
•During tuition, the students are exposed to high level analyses of text and are taught how to analyse meanings through multiple perspectives

English Extension 2 Year 12

•English Extension 2 is available for Year 12 students that want to work on a major composition
•The tutor provides continuous feedback, constructive criticism and resources for improving the content and reflections
•Extension 2 is mostly about independent work; the tutor serves as a guide throughout this process

Junior High School English Year 7-Year 10

•Exposing students to exam style tasks and essays as early as possible
•Students get to read and analyse samples of more advanced texts with the tutor if they are comfortable
•The tutor provides multiple stimuli of the appropriate level in order to bolster the student’s arsenal in comprehension and analysis

Primary School English K-Year 6

•Tutoring focuses on building solid literacy, spelling and grammar skills
•The tutor also guides the younger students on how to create good study habits
•Private lessons that are full of interesting activities, mini games, engaging stories and colorful stimuli

English as Second Language (ESL)

•Tutoring focused on improving ESL skills across the board – writing, reading, listening and speaking
•Provision of additional ESL resources from the tutor appropriate to the complexity of the subject
•The tutor develops a learning plan tailored to the student’s level and time frame before their exams

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