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Electromagnetic Induction and Lenz’s Law Guide for HSC Physics

Among the hardest concepts in the HSC Physics syllabus is electromagnetic induction and the associated Faraday’s Law and Lenz’s Law. The concepts appear in the “Motors to Generators” module of the old HSC Physics syllabus and in the “Electromagnetism” module of the new HSC Physics syllabus. The difficulty for students to understand and be able […]

HSC Physics: Charged Particles in Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields

Charged particles, such as electrons, behave differently when placed in electric and magnetic fields. In the HSC Physics syllabus the motion of charged particles in both fields is a major focus of the “Ideas to Implementation” module and the cathode rays chapter. The concepts are also included in the new HSC Physics syllabus, in the […]

Motor Effect HSC Physics Guide

In this guide we cover the theory and applications of the Motor Effect, which is among the most common sources of HSC Physics questions. The Motor Effect is easier than the Electromagnetic Induction, which is the other big concept in the “Motors and Generators” module, but it still causes some confusion due to its 3D […]

HSC Physics New Syllabus 2018: Top 5 Changes

Previously, we reviewed the most important changes that the Chemistry new syllabus brings in 2018. Most students know by now that the Physics new syllabus also goes live in 2018! As with the other sciences, the Year 11 Physics students will be taught the new content in 2018, while the Year 12 Physics students will […]

HSC Physics Revision Guide: Knowing your formulas

Knowing where to look for a formula, how to apply it and how to interpret it is imperative for performing well in the HSC Physics (or trial) exams. The reference sheet is an invaluable tool, so in this revision guide we will explain the given formulas and provide some insight on any additional useful but […]

Projectile Motion HSC Physics Guide

Projectile motion is among the most predictable topics in HSC Physics questions. Interestingly, projectile motion questions are actually much easier in their natural home (Physics) compared to their Maths Extension 1 and Extension 2 counterparts! Still, some students may get all eMOTIONal when facing a hard projectile problem. In this guide we will explain how […]

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