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Exponential Growth and Exponential Decay Guide HSC Maths

Exponential growth and exponential decay questions are almost always predictable and present in all major HSC Maths tests (for 2 Unit and 3 Unit students). Like minimisation/maximisation these are very useful concepts related to applications of calculus and you will certainly be using them in university if you pursue an economics, science or engineering degree. […]

Financial Maths: Loan and Annuity Guide for HSC 2 Unit Maths

Along with max-min calculus questions, financial maths are the most common high mark yielding questions in HSC 2 Unit Maths exams. They are also very predictable, as they appear in any HSC or trial exam and require very similar responses. While these questions utilise geometric series principles, they are typically seen as a different type […]

Integration Guide for HSC Maths: 2 Unit and Extension 1

Integration is certainly among the most important topics in the HSC Maths syllabus for both 2 Unit and Extension 1 (3 Unit) students. This guide is the first part of a trilogy of guides covering integration. As we have highlighted in our other calculus guides (here and here), mastering differentiation and integration is vital for […]

Quadratics and Parabolas Guide for High School Maths

Even if you are doing General Maths, you should have heard of quadratics and parabolas. They are not only a significant part of lower level high school maths (Year 8 – Year 11), but the techniques you learn are also necessary to solve questions at the HSC level related to calculus, series, trigonometry and practically […]

HSC 2 Unit Maths: Maximum and Minimum Calculus Guide

If you look at the last 17 years worth of 2 unit Maths or extension 1 Maths HSC and trial papers, it can be easily seen that besides financial maths and some geometry proofs, maximum and minimum questions are among the hardest but also the most rewarding problems in terms of marks. In this guide, […]

Trigonometry Guide Part 1: Identities, Proofs, Equations

Trigonometry is a huge part of the HSC maths – students start learning the basics as early as Year 7 or Year 8 and continue with more advanced levels every year all the way up to Year 12. Trigonometry is often a misunderstood topic, since its practical applications are not that obvious and it is […]

Circle Geometry Maths Extension 1 Guide

Most students come across circle geometry as part of the Year 10 5.3 topics. Maths Extension 1 students have to deal with buffed up versions of circle geometry questions for their Y11 and most Y12 tests, while Maths Extension 2 tests may also include it (under harder applications). Circle geometry has a bad reputation, due […]

HSC 2 Unit Maths: Calculus Curve Sketching Guide

For many students, one of the first “hard” calculus topics that make them realise the real deal is on for their HSC 2 Unit Maths year is the geometry of the derivative. This is a fancy title referring to curve sketching with the help of calculus. Today, we are going to lay out the principles […]

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