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Reduction Oxidation (Redox) and Galvanic Cells Guide HSC Chemistry

Reduction and oxidation reactions (or redox for short) happen around and inside us every day. It is no wonder that a whole chapter of HSC chemistry is dedicated on their study. Students seeking to further their chemistry knowledge in university in medical sciences or chemical engineering degrees will certainly find redox in front of them […]

Combustion and Enthalpy Changes Guide for HSC Chemistry

While it may not be as obvious, combustion reactions are integral to our modern society and economy. The reason for that is that the vast majority of vehicles and power plants that provide electricity use fuels that undergo combustion and release energy. This energy allows us to travel, use electricity and pretty much do anything […]

Acids and Bases Guide for HSC Chemistry

Acids and Bases are taught in the “Acidic Environment” chapter of the old HSC Chemistry syllabus and in the “Acid/Base reactions” of the new HSC Chemistry syllabus. In this guide, we will highlight all the tips and strategies that you need to know for solving the trickier exam questions with several examples in the second […]

HSC Chemistry New Syllabus 2018: Top 5 Changes

In 2018, the HSC Chemistry new syllabus is finally going live! This will initially apply for Year 11 Chemistry students (anyone who starts in January 2018). The Year 12 Chemistry students will continue with the old syllabus and have the last HSC exam with it. We believe that the changes were long overdue, as the […]

Titration HSC Chemistry Guide

Ahh titrations. Nothing as frustrating as waiting for that final drop of base to drop to reach the endpoint, only to see a couple of accidental extra drips and your solution turning into deep pink! Titration calculations come close in terms of frustration, as they test most students’ … endpoints and fairly so. Compared to […]

HSC Chemistry: Le Chatelier’s Principle and Equilibrium Guide

Resistance to change, equilibrium and systems shifting to the left or right … this often sounds like a topic for political and social science discussions, and certainly not Chemistry. So how does Le Chatelier’s Principle and change resistance fits into the HSC Chemistry syllabus? Le Chatelier’s Principle Henry Louis Le Châtelier (write with an â […]

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