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TutorPro is always looking to expand its network with great tutors!

Tutoring jobs with competitive earnings

Tutoring careers with TutorPro enjoy rates that sit comfortably within the higher end in the field: $34.00-47.50 per hour depending on the service offered and the level of student. Furthermore, we reward tutors for staying with us for the long run and helping our students with loyalty incentives. The benefits include gift cards, bonus rates, additional super contributions and more! We continuously revise and modify our rates as needed to ensure your tutoring job earnings remain relevant and attractive.

Support with training and materials

TutorPro offers continuous support to ensure you are on top of any syllabus changes and aware of the most efficient and proven techniques related to all aspects of a tutoring job. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, as we have more than 7 years of experience in the tutoring field and have helped thousands of students; as such we know what works! We do understand that each tutor has their own tutoring style and methods, but we can help you refine and perfect your techniques. As part of your tutoring career with TutorPro you can expect access to plenty of notes, worksheets, guides and other resources to complement your own material.


On top of your hourly wage, TutorPro makes sure that you get paid the appropriate superannuation for your tutoring job. Very often in private tutoring careers, superannuation is not paid correctly, which may cause all sorts of problems and is unfair to the tutor, even if they are engaged as a contractor. While every situation is different, being paid principally for your labour is typically considered as an employee relationship.

Workers Compensation Insurance

In addition to superannuation, TutorPro makes sure you are covered by Workers Comp Insurance, which adds an important layer of safety in your tutoring career. This covers the medical costs for work-related accidents, in the unlikely case something happens to you while you are doing your tutoring job. As with superannuation, Workers Comp Insurance is often not correctly paid to casual tutors. TutorPro is adamant about your safety and wellbeing and we want you to know that you won’t be alone in any unfortunate incident!

Tutoring careers in a pleasant environment

TutorPro was founded and is run by tutors. Over our long tutoring careers, we have formed a thorough understanding of the casual and flexible nature of being a casual tutor and its challenges. You can rest assured that a tutoring job with TutorPro will be a pleasant and fruitful experience! Our administration and management staff is friendly and responsive and you should feel as part of the team from day 1!

Valuable work experience

TutorPro is happy to help its tutors improve skills that may help them fulfil their future dreams! A tutoring career with us, helps you with the development and refinement of your professionalism and soft skills, which are transferrable to any other field. In addiiton, we are happy to provide references for our tutors when needed. Companies will largely appreciate your tutoring job experience and skills when the time comes to move on.

We are looking for tutors with:

• Outstanding academic record, in terms of ATAR and/or university WAM
• Passion about passing on knowledge
• Ability to work independently, both during the private classes and in preparation
• Reliability in communication and punctuality
• Willingness for ongoing development and following syllabus changes
• At least 1 year of relevant experience in the education field

• Relevant university degree to the subjects you can tutor (desired)
• Own mode of transportation for easily accessing the lesson location (desired)
• Ability to cover multiple subjects and levels of students (desired)

Send us your CV and a cover letter at

In the cover letter please include:
• Your current location and geographical coverage for private tutoring
• A list of the subjects and levels you can tutor in
• Whether you have access to own mode of transportation
• Your ATAR and bands in the subjects you want to tutor in

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