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Who are we?

TutorPro is a Sydney tutoring agency, founded and run by a highly experienced private tutor group. Our core tutor team comes from different disciplines, but all have a common passion for private education. We believe in the value of a tailored and holistic approach to private tuition and strive to deliver that to our students. Since 2011, we have helped thousands of students reach their academic goals and become better learners for life. More importantly, we aim to eventually make ourselves redundant: we believe that the most succesful private tutor is one that takes a student to a level where they can handle new content and efficient learning by themselves! Instead of just explaining the theory and questions, we try to foster student learning via logical decision processes and critical thinking during our private tuition sessions.

How does private tuition with TutorPro work?

The process to get started with a private tutor from TutorPro is simple and efficient.
private tuition timeline

Initial Contact

During your initial communication with us, we obtain all relevant student information: the subject they need help with, the level/year they are in and any specific information about their strengths and weaknesess, past performance and goals.

We also try to obtain a list of the student’s availability: which days and times are best for having private tuition lessons.

Our Sydney tutoring agency can cover most suburbs, so during the initial contact we get your preferred lesson location. This is usually the student’s house, however a library or any other public house is possible.

Finally, our friendly staff will answer any of your questions about our services, promotions, payments or anything else you wanted to clarify. We offer group lesson discounts, referral bonuses and more, so do not hesitate to ask!

Private Tutor Matching

Our private tutor team can help students in primary school, high school and university. After collecting the information during the initial contact, we find the best match to the student’s level, considering the location and availability as well.

Each student’s learning style and personality is different; as such, during our initial communication we strive to understand the student’s needs and find a tutor that would be a good fit. Over the years, we have become experienced in identifying patterns in learning styles and personalities and in matching with a private tutor that can help most efficiently!

Once we find a good tutor match, we contact you back and provide all the tutor’s information about their experience, academics, teaching style and how they can help the student.


During the confirmation stage, we verify the location and times of the lessons, and any other detail that may be of relevance.

We also explain the short registration process (takes less than 1 minute!) – since there is no contract for our private tuition services, this is a necessary step to ensure our tutors’ security and administration processes.

We value transparency and clarity; so we also explain and send you all the relevant Terms & Conditions for our services and address any question you may have.

First Lesson

During the first lesson, we encourage the tutors and students (and parents!) to have a short discussion to break the ice before delving into the content!

The first private tuition session will also be an excellent opportunity to assess the level of the student. Our experienced tutors should be able to pick on any gaps or weak areas the student may have and start working on these.

At the end of the first lesson, the tutor can provide feedback on their initial assessment and answer any questions you may have in regards to the student’s performance and future plans.

Ongoing Lessons

Depending on the student’s level and time of the year, the tutor can develop realistic and tailored short-term plans (for example mastering a specific type of maths questions), and long-term plans (for instance scoring a target mark for the yearly exam, or master the studying techniques).

Our Sydney tutoring team is ever-evolving and dynamic: we obtain regular feedback from every student and parent regarding how the lessons are going and we value your opinion in terms of which parts of our services work well and what may be further improved!

Our Sydney Tutoring Roster

We make sure that each and every one of our tutors undergoes rigorous assessment of their teaching ability, communication skills and expertise in their fields. Instead of quickly getting a large number of tutors on board, we take our time to make sure applicants of the highest quality join our Sydney tutoring roster. This is a time consuming and costly process, but we can be proud of our private tutor skills and their ability to help any student! We can achieve that via a 4-stage interview process as follows:
interview process

You can find more information about our private tuition sessions and our Sydney tutoring roster here.

Our friendly staff is always happy to give you more information about our services, policies, experience and private tutor team, as well as discuss your private tuition needs and expectations, so we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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